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DeeJance is THE marketplace for DJ freelance services. We are matching DJs to parties, without the need of having the DJ at your party. He streams his live-set only from home to your party. The stream includes a live-chat, so the party-people can request songs and stay in contact with the DJ the same way as if he was there in reallife. With that method, a live-set gets much more cheaper and you can choose from DJs all over the world!

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  • Top Safe

    DeeJance is a plattform that values your trust & safety with the trustful review system.

  • Secured Transaction

    All transactions are synced with the virtual currency system. Everything is under admin control.

  • Top DJs

    Join our DJ marketplace to order gigs with the high quality from top DJs.

How DeeJance works?
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  • Enter your needs

    DeeJance offers a big plattform for talented DJs. Enter a g or just one keyword to find one you need. You can choose what you like.

  • Select your favorite DJ

    After finding matching gigs for you, you can select one of the most related DJs. You can give a newcomer a chance to perfom big for small money too.

  • Make your party great

    Order the DJ of your trust. You will stay in contact the whole time. Send him your song-wishes, or just the vibe he should deliver. Then, just open the stream, connect your device with some good speakers and enjoy a great evening with your friends.